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Historically, Heritage Assam has always been the heart of northeast India. Its rich cultural heritage dates back to the fourth century, with the dawn of the Kaprupa kingdom, reaching its epitome in the 16th century under the Ahom kingdom. Around the 15th century, the Neo-Vaishnavite culture initiated by saint Sankaradeva ushered a new era of cultural reforms.

The natural inheritance of Assam is no less with Majuli being the feather in its cap by holding the position of the largest river island in Asia. Proposals under the scheme have been spread primarily in Tezpur, Majuli and Sivasagar, the centres of Assamese Heritage.

The proposals have been centres around major tourist hubs of these areas, with the vision to create a more enjoyable tourist experience by virtue of infrastructure like Tourist Interpretation Centres, Cafeterias, Transport units etc.

The architecture of each zone has been developed keeping in mind the rich aesthetics that have become an integral part of these areas. This project required collaboration and constant interactions with the department of archaeology, for many of the tourist centres in focus were centrally/ state protected monuments and some of them also fell in eco-sensitive zones. Hence, our efforts were channelled towards a very sensitive and yet appealing architectural product.

  • Client : Govt of Asaam
  • Cost : 98.35 Cr
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